Thursday, October 01, 2009

TIME TO GO SHOPPING LADIES! Paeoti has set out 8 new outfits today (5 pictured here). The Romantica Dress series comes in many colors, and is absolutely sweet and adorable when worn, PERFECT for that best friends wedding! :)
The Soho Paris Dress gives you the beautiful detail work that you have come to love and expect from NYMPHETAMINE Designs is right here, with a sexy missing midriff to make all those stiff necks at your next formal event turn their HEADS at YOU!
The Soho Babydoll Dress is fashioned to be sexy short, and HOT! Imagine the look on your guys face when he sees you in this!! I suspect you wont be out in public for very long!!!!
Get on over to NYMPHETAMINE Nirvana Store and be the first to have them!
As alwasy NYMPHETAMINE appreciates its customers, and please let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you :)
Get on over to Dragons tail now!! Here is your ride :)

Also please make sure you join us on our other websites! Add us as a friend, get extra NYMPHETAMINE goodies!! :D

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