Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On October 3, from noon to 2 pm, SLT, the House of RFyre presents a new kind of fashion show--a living tableau, in which visitors can meet members of the Family while they view the glorious creations of Raven Pennyfeather.

Like nothing else you have seen in SL, this will be a combination fashion show and role play–a living tableau. Be prepared to interact–we won’t allow you to stand by watching us walk the catwalk. We expect you to join in!

Aleksandr has called a meeting of the Family. Despite their various backgrounds, their internal tensions, their own hungers and desires, they have come together to support their leader. You are invited to walk past the assembled Family, to meet them and interact.

For two hours, we invite you into the world of Aleksandr and his vampire family: Eva, his powerful mother; Carmen, his estranged aunt; Stefan, his right hand; Siobhan, Celeste, and Xavier, the glamorous acquaintances; Dierdre, the spoiled princess; Luis and Catalina, their pirate friends; Dex, the Victorian gentleman; Adeline, the spiritualist; and Mirabel and Isabel, the haunting twins. Watch this blog for introductions to the Family…

Enjoy their presence and envelope yourself in the fashions of RFyre and RP Couture. Purchase the fashions at the show from the Family’s portraits and take with you a feeling of another world–the world of romance and drama, the world of this vampire family. Who knows.. the Family may have a gift for you!

We’ll see you Saturday, October 3, from noon to 2 pm at Isle RFyre.

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