Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last.. but definetly not least...
Everyone has a hot little bitch.. or at least wants one (haha) Do just that with the 3rd set in this series. Finely crafted into an elegant yet seductive lingerie and garter set. Throw him into dementia!

Looking for something more formal? Look no further.. paeoti has molded this set into a deliciously dark formal dress, with matching bolero style jacket.. for those chilly nights. The beautiful satiny corset combined with the long flowing, and subtly swishing skirt, is sure to capture his delight.

Dapoun's Dementia:

This soft satiny devlish ensamble will leave you breathless, and foaming at the mouth for more. Paeoti has divided it up into 3 different sets. First being a Corset & Pant set. Perfect for pairing up with your favorite boots for a night on the town.