Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello ladies!  Paeoti has been hard at work to bring you these two FABULOUS new sets!

Introducing the La Roche Lingerie Set, Grey Scaled for numerous coloring options for you!!  Comes with all the bows and frillies to match that add those special little NYMPHETAMINE touches to all that you wear!  SEXY and Girly just the way we like it!


Also, Please take a peek at the GORGEOUS La Rouche Formal Gown!  The colors alone on these gowns should have you melting at the knees, such beautiful deep rich blue, purple, fuchsia, green, gold, and black and as always with a design by Paoeti Pomeray you are receiving all the intricate details to make a truly beautiful gown that flows perfectly as you glide into a room.  See for yourself!


See you here at NYMPHETAMINE!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alright Ladies and Gents!!

SEXY TIME!! Paoeti is at it again look what we have for you!!!!

The Las Pas DRESS!

With this gown look at the numerous options you have, short and flirty, Long and elegant.  Hand painted detailing you know so well from Paeoti ladies where else can you get this intricate artwork on a gown?


The Las Pas Lingerie Set!  Oooooo lallaaaaaa!!  Gettin' ready for Spring, it is feminine and soft, yet sexy and spicy all at the same time!!!

IMPRESSIVE come see for yourself!!!  You know what to do click that right there below!!  See you here!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Alright Gals!

NYMPHETAMINE has whipped up something HOT HAWT HOT for all of you! :)

New Lingerie Set

Come on up here to see the TART LALA PASTIES AND the TART LALA LINGERIE SET just in time for that Special lust errr Love day comin up!!!!!

Named as perfectly as they look!!!
See you HERE!!