Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello! My Name is Stacy Maracas and I am the Business Manager for NYMPHETAMINE Boutique! Since 2005 Paeoti Pomeray your designer, has strived to give you quality clothing an an excellent price to your Linden pocketbook and still continues to do so!

This is a special invitation to you!! If you havent seen the new and improved NYMPHETAMINE Boutique then you are in for a treat!

NYMPHETAMINE has relocated to its own sim, high above the ground with many wonderful things to see, with all the fantasy of one of Paeoti's builds she loves to bring to her customers. You will not only find her store but across the bridge a lovely little world of hidden treasures for you and your significant other to explore and find! Watch out for the Wizard tho! If you stumble upon him in one of his "moods" he will well........follow his trail of conjure and see what happened to the last resident that disturbed him mid spell! ACK!

Whether you are one of our older customers that havent come to see us in a while or a new resident to Second Life, we would like to invite you to come and see for yourself NYMPHETAMINE's newest Designs (there are lots of them!).

While you are here be sure to stop and pick up your FREE HALLOWEEN GOODIE BAG! Paoeti has dropped some special things in there just for you, and ooo la la sexy!! You will find the gift bag nestled between two unique pumpkins, and you even get those two pumpkins in your gift bag as well!!!

Theres more little goodies to find in our stores, (FrEEBIES ROCK!), and sometimes you will see ME there, and I LOVE to hand out gift certificates and MORE FREE GOODIES! What are you waiting for???

Here is your ride!

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  1. great news :) i must try and get over there - , i happened upon nymphetamine in the early pre flexi days and totally fell in love with the Pablo on silk gown in red - just beautiful! I have a fair few early Paeoti outfits still in my inventory even though they are not flexi i cant bear to get rid of them lol :)