Friday, December 21, 2007

Speaking of new realms with prims... Paeoti has also tried a shoe! This kickass mule type shoe, "Mentonka" is exactly the kind I love to wear.

Soft Suede texturing, with 2 large buckles, with a larger stiletto kind of heel. I believe these come in a few different suede colors.

Kiaka's Gems
Paeoti has always been pretty skillful at building with prims.... here she has gone into a new realm with prims.. to make jewelry! Kiaka's gems are a delicate work, a lovely choker that falls down the sweet spot in a girls neck.. and long earrings accent, barely touching the shoulder. Very sexy indeed!

Private Dancer.
This sexy hot ensamble is easily tintable to whaever color you desire. Awesomly designed top, looks like its "holding" on to your chest, and flirty skirty panty. Dance the night away in this one girls!

Merci Lingerie Set
Mercy, mercy! Thats what he'll be saying when you throw this around your avie body. Simple, yet really erotic black leather and white lace.
Yum.. those go together like coffee and cream!

Dawn - Dress and Lingerie Set

Thick folds, You can almost hear the petticoat swish swish as you walk in this fabulous dress. Sheer satiny goodness! Beautiful corset clings tightly around your body, while the heavy draping gown flows around your ankles. Perfect for a night on the town with that special someone, or that special occasion. Speaking of special occasions.. this dress also features a lingerie option.. simply switch off the larger gown, to a more delicate, and intimate "barely there" skirt. This dress also comes in Red, White, and purple.

Tons of goodies New @ Nymphetamine!

Fury's Liar
This sexy hot lingerie set is sure to grab his attention. Made of soft velvety fabric, and sheer taffeta panels, intricately decorated with beadword and threading. The high rise on the hips is breaktakingly sexy. Can be worn with or without gloves (included).