Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I finally managed to put a outfit out at the stores. The new PSP is going to take some getting accustomed too! Whole new world for me.

Purity- Is there any such thing in SL? Maybe, maybe not but you can sure fake it with this sexy, sheer babydoll. Top it off with some pigtails and bows and hey your almost there!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dec 22, 2006

WHEWW, Hd and I have been busy of late getting ready to open LIL SLurgis and I am way behind on this blog as well as updating my shop. Hopefully some new things will be out soon but with the Holidays and all it might be slim to none! PLUS, Im learning a new version of PSP which is busting my ass! I dispise "change", but unfortunately its the way of the world.

On a positive note, LIL SLurgis is open and we're having a blast! We managed to get the guys over at RockNGames Radio (Queenie, Darm, Daphne, Chrys, & Astry) to help with DJ'ing most of our events. HUGE thanks goes out to Queenie who dug us out of a hole! We couldnt of done it without ya Sugar!

We also have some kick ass vendors who have signed on with Lil Slurgis. Come check them out. Special Note: We do have ONE spot saved for a good LEATHER Designer. If your interested in renting a shop, just yell at me in game.

It has been a long time coming but HD finally released his new bike "The Viper" and WOW! I have to honestly say that I have never saw anything THIS cool on SL. The bike is hot and sleek but the extra's are shocking. You can bascially put your own personality into this bike by the simple click menu. It has 6 gears, 5 different wheels to choose from, color pallet to change the color of your own bike, cam lock, HOVER (let me stress.. it has HOVER!) for those hard to get out of places. It also has working lights, a crap load of different horns, extreamly realistic sounds, and the BADDEST burnout/wheelie you ever saw. The bikes are a blast and a HUGE success! Our friend Boss Spectre got together with HD and they installed a program called "PRIMSITTER" made by Boss himself. Its purpose is to make adjusting poses and animations easier and did he ever manage to do it! I now use it on my tents and beds and I am a total idiot when it comes to that stuff and this is so simple its pathetic. If you work with poses or animations and need a good reliable device to help you set them up in seconds then I HIGHLY suggest "PRIMSITTER" to you. It can be purchased on SLE and its dirt cheap. It is also dumbed down if your like me and need dummy notes! YAY! Matter of fact the instructions that are in the package were dumbed down FOR me............ haha (See pics below)

If you havent came to chill or party with us at Lil Slurgis then please do! We would love to have you. Lil SLurgis is simply a place to relax and BE YOURSELF or whoever you choose to be.....erm a long as your a MATURE ADULT. See LINKS to the right for a direct TP to Lil SLurgis.

On that note, Id like to wish EVERYONE a very happy and holiday season.

Merry CHRIST-mas Everyone!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Annie the rag doll.... she's such a tease, but an effective tease!

Set comes with:
Rag Doll Hat with attached Rag Doll Hair and Cheek Blushers
Rag Doll Flex Prim Arm Ruffles
Rag Doll Flex Prim Bounce Skirt
Top and Bottoms
Bow Stockings
And a $100 Coupon for your next visit.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sexy Pirates are taking over!

This one was a bitch but I managed to pull it off. Somehow or another she doesn't look too bitchy tho! Make an entry and impress the mate's in "Pirate Pricilla". Hell, overwhelm them with sexy pirate lingo or kick their bunghole's to the next shipping trade. However you wear it, wear it with STYLE! ;-) Buy as Hat and Dress Set or buy the hat separately. All come with color change script and colors reasonably well.

Irie Matey!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Im rather excited about this one. Its a hot lil laytex dress decked out in simple cording and laceups. She's HOT! It shows just enough to drive the guys nuts. Which is afterall our purpose, and believe me...........it does ;-) !

Sunday, October 01, 2006

UPDATE-Oct 1st, 2006
Saturday evening I participated in the Vida Magnificia Fashion Show, coordinated by Sammy Barrett and Pajvar Kerensky. They both did a awesome job and I very much appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the event. In preparation for the fashion show and being pressed for time I tried to combine the tasks that I knew I needed to do for the upcoming holidays and what you see below is the fruit of that labor. I managed to get 3 new outfits in by the deadline. These sets are now posted in my shop NYMPHETAMINE for sale at this time.

I have a project that I have been working on for quite sometime now and I am hoping to be able to concentrate on that for a bit. Be on the look out for "SURREAL LIFE" to open soon. I always try to keep my shop updated as best I can so don't forget to keep a eye out there as well.


If your looking for ultra fem, romantic bows and satins for your wedding then this is the dress for you. A 18th century hoop skirt with layers and layers of tiered fabric topped off by a low but very flattering intricate bodice. The headpiece is flexed and really sets the dress off.


Theme wear with a naughty twist! Perfect for themed events, roleplay and for Halloween.

Maid Matilda comes complete with a feather duster, dusting gesture with sound and she's adorable!

Ships Ahoy is done in traditional pirate colors and is accessorized by a black lace pirates hat.

Layla is perfect for romantic dinners, dancing under the stars, or a girls night out. Its flirty, tasteful and tactful yet has a edge to take you into any scene and not have to worry about changing clothes all the time! Set comes with a bonus skirt not shown here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Enter Victoria Talbot

No, Im not tryin to get a jump on Christmas.... I just love Tartan. Although they would certainly be nice for the upcomming holiday events! Enter Ms Victoria Talbot. Victoria Talbot comes in two different designs. The first is a tartan hoop skirt meant to look like an 18th Century gown. The other is a less elaborate yet elegant sheer skirt Ren/wench... or or or whatever you wish it to be. I love theme wear and I like anything that has a multiuse option which is why I usually offer different versions of skirts as ADD-ON Packages. I may well do a short skirt for this in the next couple of days. Its to cute not to. :-)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thats what it reminds me of........................ Playin hookie.
This one comes complete with Flex Ruffle socks not shown here. The tie is seperate from the shirt as well and YES its FLEXED.

Dream On in RED

I already had the Dream On Set in Blue, and now I have it in red too. A plush crushed Velvet trimed in pewter embellishments with a sexy side spilt skirt.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mae West Dress taken a step shorter!

Howdie :-) I love the Mae West Dress and it really held the potential to be taken outside its realm. I created a BabyDoll Add-On Flex skirt which totally change the look of it yet kept its personality.

Add-On Set Includes: Underskirt, Undershorts and FLEX Prim Babydoll Skirt. Comes in 6 colors as does the Mae West Dress.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ms West ReVamped.............
Dress includes: Top, Under Skirt, UnderLeggings, FLEX Prim Upper Arm Ruffles and FLEX Prim skirt. Dress comes in 6 different colors 2(violet and Black) of which are shown here.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Every Saturday night we do a nice, romantic mixture of MOTOWN and BLUES at SEA GRAPE RESORT for COUPLES. If your looking for a relaxing, low key place to chill and listen to some killer tunes then come join us! Nimani Cooper starts spinning the tunes at 7:30PM Game time and ends at 9:30pm. IM me and I'll be happy to TP ya over. :-)


New playful, sexy sets today are decked out in FUR FUR FUR!
JUST FOR FRILLS Sets Come in 4 different colors- White, Pink, Purple and Mint. White set is shown below.

Accessory ADD-On Package: JUST FOR FRILLS HAT and BOA SET, includes Hat and FUR FLEX BOA which also come in white, pink,purple and Mint.

You can reach NYMPHETAMINE by clicking the NYMPHETAMINE link to the upper right corner of this blog. :-)

See ya there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Irie and welcome to my blog. My friend Astry surprised me with this blog thingy. She's always looking out for me and knows how duh I can be when it comes to technical stuff (Thank you Assy). With the SL forums (may they rest in peace) taking a nose dive I suppose personal blogs are the way to go although I really was hoping not to have to resort to one. I HATE, no, I DESPISE having to think up things to say about my clothing. My mind goes blank and the more I think of something to say the goofier it ends up sounding.

Thank GOD for spellcheck! I lean towards the artsy side and NOT the brainiac area.

If you would like to trade blog links, you can either shoot me a email with the appropriate info to inciirie@yahoo.com or IM me in game and I will get you up and going ASAP.

Having said all that, lets get it started.


TellTale Salsa Sets posted today at my shop NYMPHETAMINE, are sassy sexy and bold. Each set includes: Strap Lace Top, Lace Boyshorts, Lace Arms, Flex Arm Ruffles and bouncy flex skirt. Set comes in 6 different color variations to chose from as shown here.