Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hello Everyone! We have a special posting for today! NYMPHETAMINE is hiring LIVE MODELS to work at our main store! Please do NOT mistake this for something that you can come in and stand there for a couple of hours afk and camp, NYMPHETAMINE does NOT support camping or BOTS, nor will we ever! SO if that is you, go find a noob store :)

We have decided to have a select few models at our store so that our customers can view outfits ON an avatar as the detailing doesn't always look the best on a photo! Also, you can provide a warm smile and a Hello to our customers as they arrive :) SO no afk'ers wanted either!

The details are up in the store in each section, click the noteard give for you application and for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prue Coronet in world as she is the Models Manager, or you can contact myself Stacy Maracas, at any time!

Here is your ride! :)

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