Friday, May 16, 2008

Want to keep that innocent but NOT so innocent look on that special wedding night? JUST RELEASED TODAY @ NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE- "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME"

Sets come in either Black or White. Highly detailed, embellished lingerie wear for the discriminating new bride or whatever your special occasion.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Madison Dress with optional Formal ADD-On skirt was inspired by my close friend Madison Donnelly, one of the sexiest, sweetest, most sincere ladies I have ever meet. Where old world meets new and sweet melts into sexy in an ever daring yet provocative way Madison can help you go from a simple night on the salsa balls right into a formal ballroom swishing and twirling your way into those romantic sunset evenings.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The most talented Kitty LaLonde from of the blog (insert blessing here) made a Nymphetamine Video! Its simply adorable and I want her to know how much it is appreciated. Awesome work Kitty and I would like to thank you SO VERY much. Your thoughtfulness will NOT go unnoticed. (insert SMOOCHIES! here)

Nymphetamine Advert from Kitty Lalonde on Vimeo.

NEW today at NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE! Just in time for that hawt weekend you have planned. Surrender yourself in Drow style. Surrender comes in 4 different versatile sets for you to choose, taking you from day into the hot steamy night. Sexy dresses, erotic lingerie. What more could a Drow ask for!

Friday, February 22, 2008


NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE is gearing up for spring! Yeps its that time already. Spring designs with spring color. Short skirts and sweet lingerie perfect for those killer little sandals we have all been seeing of late! 6 Dresses each uniquely colored with 6 optional matching lingerie. ROSE PETAL Sets are my way of BREAKING OUT OF WINTER!
Click photos to see a more detailed view.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

............... NEW @ NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE...................
Madame de Pompadour Sets! The noted Madame was the best known of Louis XV's Mistresses. She knew exactly how to flaunt her intelligence, her wit and her sexuality to win over the affections of the King. The Madame became quite politically powerful and also played patroness to leading intellects of that time period. She was exceptionally socially ambitious and used her female talents to get what she wanted... a life of royal comfort.

Wonderous satins, the finest of lace and the body to be able to fill those threads! You can acquire 3 separate looks with the versatile Madame Pompadour Sets with the long half flex skirt, the multi ruffle flex skirt or the hip side corset, complete with beaded panties. This set comes in blue and pink. 2 other corset sets are also released today within the same line as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last.. but definetly not least...
Everyone has a hot little bitch.. or at least wants one (haha) Do just that with the 3rd set in this series. Finely crafted into an elegant yet seductive lingerie and garter set. Throw him into dementia!

Looking for something more formal? Look no further.. paeoti has molded this set into a deliciously dark formal dress, with matching bolero style jacket.. for those chilly nights. The beautiful satiny corset combined with the long flowing, and subtly swishing skirt, is sure to capture his delight.

Dapoun's Dementia:

This soft satiny devlish ensamble will leave you breathless, and foaming at the mouth for more. Paeoti has divided it up into 3 different sets. First being a Corset & Pant set. Perfect for pairing up with your favorite boots for a night on the town.