Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thought we would do something fun for our Nymphs!!!
Paeoti will be making various items for the Midnight Madness Board and we already have one in there for today!!!!!
So get on over here and get ENTERED!! I wont tell ya EXACTLY where its at, but its in ONE of the three areas of the stores :) hint: INSIDE...

Also, We have a gift incentive program for those of you who place us into your profile picks! Help us spread the word about one of your favorite stores!!! This program will know if you automatically have us in your profile :) COOL!

Please contact Stacy Maracas for any questions you have as always!

Have an awesome Halloween Nymphettes!

Stacy Maracas

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes just as the ad says! WEARABLE Pumpkin Pie!

Click your......ummm pumpkin and YES it hands out PIE!

Comes complete with gestures and sounds! moans and mmmmmmmmm!!!

This is NEW if you have the old set come get the NEW ONE!!!

You aren't here yet??? :O

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Totally Adorable Outfits Released TONIGHT!

The Mari Line is all new and HOT HOT HOT! Come and see for yourself :)

Dont forget our HALLOWEEN FREEBIES! We now have TWO of them!! The gift bag in front of the Pumpkins with some sexyy ooo la la lingerie inside JUST for you!

And dont forget our Wearable Pumkn Pie!! OOOO Is that possible!! You will have to come and get it for yourself! Only Paeoti would dream up this one! Bring your whip cream YUM!!!!

Heres Your ride!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mmmmmmmm I LOVE Pumkin Pie!!! DO YOU love pumkin Pie??

Does your other half Love pumpkin Pie? :)

Even if they dont, they will LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Paeoti is in a GOOFBALL mood and has created, the most ADORABLE, SEXY, FUNNY, GOOFY outfit you have ever seen and its JUST IN TIME for HALLOWEEN!

Better yet?


Get yourself over to NYMPHETAMINE RIGHT NOW and get the most delectible, mouth watering cant wait to eat it Pumpkin........ummm......PIE (?) you have ever laid your eyes on!!

Wearable Pumpkin Pie???


COME AND PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Bet your mama never told ya that one huh?



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello! My Name is Stacy Maracas and I am the Business Manager for NYMPHETAMINE Boutique! Since 2005 Paeoti Pomeray your designer, has strived to give you quality clothing an an excellent price to your Linden pocketbook and still continues to do so!

This is a special invitation to you!! If you havent seen the new and improved NYMPHETAMINE Boutique then you are in for a treat!

NYMPHETAMINE has relocated to its own sim, high above the ground with many wonderful things to see, with all the fantasy of one of Paeoti's builds she loves to bring to her customers. You will not only find her store but across the bridge a lovely little world of hidden treasures for you and your significant other to explore and find! Watch out for the Wizard tho! If you stumble upon him in one of his "moods" he will well........follow his trail of conjure and see what happened to the last resident that disturbed him mid spell! ACK!

Whether you are one of our older customers that havent come to see us in a while or a new resident to Second Life, we would like to invite you to come and see for yourself NYMPHETAMINE's newest Designs (there are lots of them!).

While you are here be sure to stop and pick up your FREE HALLOWEEN GOODIE BAG! Paoeti has dropped some special things in there just for you, and ooo la la sexy!! You will find the gift bag nestled between two unique pumpkins, and you even get those two pumpkins in your gift bag as well!!!

Theres more little goodies to find in our stores, (FrEEBIES ROCK!), and sometimes you will see ME there, and I LOVE to hand out gift certificates and MORE FREE GOODIES! What are you waiting for???

Here is your ride!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HELLO NYMPHS! This is a Special Announcement just for you!

Need a good Halloween Costume? Something a little different than what else you have seen out there perhaps??

Then bring yourself on up to NYMPHETAMINE Boutique! We have a showcase of GORGEOUS Costumes right out front of the store of a very well respected Designer and friend Ms. Astry Mirabeau owner of DIGITAL KNICKERS!

Here is your ride! Come and take a look see! While your here don't forget to grab your Halloween Freebies from NYMPHETAMINE as well!!! :)

Stacy Maracas

Monday, October 12, 2009

HELLO EVERYONE! Don't forget about our New RELEASE the Katoo Set!

Also, we have corrected the bug for our FREE HALLOWEEN Gifts and since so many people had a problem receiving it Please bring yourself to the store to get a new one, as we have ...added Some thing EXTRA to it, and its SEXY!!!! For our NYMPHETAMINE Customers ONLY!

We are still on the Search for LIVE MODELS for NYMPHETAMINE! We are looking for mostly WEEKDAY and WEEKEND models during the day time!! Contact Prue Coronet or Stacy Maracas in world for more information and your application! BOTS and CAMPERS need not apply! This is for LIVE MODELS that actually speak to our customers and assist them!!!

Come on up to NYMPHETAMINE NIRVANA, get your FREE HAlloween Hottie GIfts and take a peek around at the new main store! Don't forget all of the HOT and Sexy Costumes Paeoti has designed with Halloween coming up on us!!! :D

Time:11:00AM Monday, October 12th

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello Nymphs!! Paeoti has released the most adorable sexy HELLA cute outfit and we just NOW set it out!!
With this piece you are getting TWO outfits and you know how Paeoti is with her hats! She created a BERET for this one!!
A MUST SEE! Come on up to NYMPHETAMINE and see it for yourself!!!!
Your ride is attached!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NEW RELEASE 10-07-09!

Allow me to introduce the newest creations from Paeoti Pomeray!

The Malady Formal Gown and the Malady Lingerie/Costume Set!

First we have the Malady Lingerie/Costume Outfit: This is just absolutely ADORABLE and the photo speaks for itself. It has beautiful detailing on the front and chest area, and always the excellent lace detailing that Paeoti so carefully creates on her designs! The little top hat with the white flowing scarves just adds a total hint of sexy and fun to this totally unique outfit :)

The Malady Formal Gown: This one is absolutely stunning, and the photo simply cannot do it justice! The lace detailing that you know and love with Paeoti's designs is so definitely there, to include the beautiful bodice and chest area detailing to match. It is open backed, so you definitely want an up do with this one to show off that sexy skin, and make him look forward to walking behind you!Come on up to the main NYMPHETAMINE Store on Dragon's Tail Sim, and you may just be able to see one of our lovely new LIVE models showing you this dress as you land :)
Two definite MUST Haves to your Wardrobe!!!

Here is your ride! :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hello Everyone! We have a special posting for today! NYMPHETAMINE is hiring LIVE MODELS to work at our main store! Please do NOT mistake this for something that you can come in and stand there for a couple of hours afk and camp, NYMPHETAMINE does NOT support camping or BOTS, nor will we ever! SO if that is you, go find a noob store :)

We have decided to have a select few models at our store so that our customers can view outfits ON an avatar as the detailing doesn't always look the best on a photo! Also, you can provide a warm smile and a Hello to our customers as they arrive :) SO no afk'ers wanted either!

The details are up in the store in each section, click the noteard give for you application and for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prue Coronet in world as she is the Models Manager, or you can contact myself Stacy Maracas, at any time!

Here is your ride! :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

TIME TO GO SHOPPING LADIES! Paeoti has set out 8 new outfits today (5 pictured here). The Romantica Dress series comes in many colors, and is absolutely sweet and adorable when worn, PERFECT for that best friends wedding! :)
The Soho Paris Dress gives you the beautiful detail work that you have come to love and expect from NYMPHETAMINE Designs is right here, with a sexy missing midriff to make all those stiff necks at your next formal event turn their HEADS at YOU!
The Soho Babydoll Dress is fashioned to be sexy short, and HOT! Imagine the look on your guys face when he sees you in this!! I suspect you wont be out in public for very long!!!!
Get on over to NYMPHETAMINE Nirvana Store and be the first to have them!
As alwasy NYMPHETAMINE appreciates its customers, and please let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you :)
Get on over to Dragons tail now!! Here is your ride :)

Also please make sure you join us on our other websites! Add us as a friend, get extra NYMPHETAMINE goodies!! :D