Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get on up here and see these for yourselves Ladies!!

OOOLALALALALAAAAAAAAAAA hot stuff!!! Allow me to introduce the new JAZZ PRISS Prim Set!!! :) Sexy an sizzling with a showgirl twist and the extreme detailing and love for sexual come hither that we all so love from Paeoti!

Allow me to introduce:

The Jazz Prissy Prim In Silver!

The Jazz Prissy Prim Silver Top!

Jazz Priss Peekaboo Top in Red!

and the

Jazz Priss Peekaboo in Red!

Get on up here! Dont forget Santa!! This is your LAST week to get that special gift from him that only he can give you and you cant get in the store!!!

Heres your ride! See you here!!!!

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