Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello Everyone! We are kicking off Christmas Week with a Treasure Hunt NYMPHETAMINE Style!

ALL that complete the hunt WILL receive PRESENTS! One of the gifts you will receive is a release for NEW YEAR's! This will not be made available to anyone else until AFTER the Hunt is over!!!

The first THREE that complete the Hunt will receive an SPECIAL Prize!!! WOOHOO! I hear some Lindens Jingling!!!!!!!!!

Come on up to the store, ALL are welcome! Men, you may not be interested in some hot black lacy panties, but your significant other just might! This is an opportunity for you to win them something special and you can request your prize be handed to someone else by messaging Stacy Maracas at the end of your hunt!!

ALL Items are here on the sim that holds our store, and for those of you who have never explored the whole sim because you couldnt tear yourself away from the store, well here is YOUR CHANCE to see ALL of NYMPHETAMINE Nirvana!

Come on up and get your clues, your tickets and get to HUNTING! NO Group needed!

We ask that you PLEASE PLEASE do not share locations of clues with others, Hunts are meant to be fun, and sharing ruins it for other people! If I notice that people are sharing and people are finding clues to easy I will shut down the hunt and change the locations of items to make it fresh for everyone. Hunts are meant to be a challenge, please do not cheat and ruin that for everyone else! THANKS!

All questions are to be directed to STACY MARACAS only please :) and NO I will NOT tell you where something is!!! :)

Thank you and Good Luck to ALL of you!!!

Happy Holidays to ALL of you!

Paeoti Pomeray

Stacy Maracas

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