Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introducing the Lady Creole Set!

A tight fitting highly detailed red bodice, with black accents, that leads down into some short shorts with a skirt attachment that has the most gorgeous lace detailing with small pink flowers mixed in. All this topped with yet another of Paeoti's famous hats, adorned with the same lace detailing as your skirt, and pink accent ribbons and bows to add that special Sexy, flirty and adorableeee touch!
Come and see this one for yourselves ladies, our models will be showcasing them for you to see for yourselves as an SL photo can never truly do your lace detailing justice!!!

You also have the option to purchase the top hat separately if you only want that!! But the hat DOES come with the outfit if purchased :)



NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE would like to thank you for another year of sucess! If it weren't for you, our loyal customers, we would of closed the doors long ago, but that just isn't the case and NYMPHETAMINE would like to show you our appreciation of that loyalty.

Have we got a surprise for you!!!! Paeoti has created a SPECIAL gift and placed it inside of our special Santa that just arrived today here at NYMPHETAMINE!

He is not just ANY Santa as you will see, THIS guy is the REAL Deal and he KNOWS if you have been good or bad so BEWARE for goodness sakes! He will give you a chance to tell him yourself and he will know if your being honest!!! Santa knows all, and see's all.

If you make Santa happy YOU will recieve a special gift created by Paoeti JUST for Christmas 2009 and given to you by Santa himself!

Have you been naughty or nice? Come find out!

Come on up to NYMPHETAMINE and sit with the REAL Santa! :) and be sure and bring your friends for their 2009 NYMPHETAMINE CHRISTMAS gift too.

Merry CHRISTmas to ALL!!!!!! :),
Paeoti Pomeray - NYMPHETAMINE Owner/Designer
Stacy Maracas - NYMPHETAMINE Business Manager

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