Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just in time for Valentine's and that HOT special date coming up, NYMPHETAMINE brings you the following NEW Releases!

The Cha'Tulio Corset Set!!  OOHS that just sounds so SEXY doesn't it?  You significant other will also think so in this HOT and SPICY number!  See for yourself!


Also, for that lovely evening out, Paeoti has created the Teoni Formal Gown, coming to you in a number of Gorgeous and very unique colors!!!!


Ladies these are a MUST SEE and a a definite must have!!  Come on up to the Main Store Ms. Paeoti just finished setting them out for YOU! :)

Also please don't forget about The Great NYMPHETAMINE Valentine Hunt!  We are having SUCH A blast with it and so is everyone else!!
Allow me to share with you a REALLY great blog on our hunt!! :)

Isnt that the greatest???  Come on and get YOURS too and HAVE FUN!! :)

See you here!!!

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