Friday, May 18, 2007

Nymphetamine's Model Search!

Yes you heard right! Paeoti is holding the first ever model search at her shop, Nymphetamine. She has hired Carl Crabe (an awesome B&W photo artist) to revamp her logo, when eventually she was struck with the idea to hold a model search. Why not make it fun right!

So.. the search will be for 5-7 girls who will ONLY appear on Nymphetamines main shop ad. Mr Carl Crabe will be doing all the photography for each girl, and ONE photo will be chosen for each girl, for the Ad. She will then get to keep her professional photo, AND the outfit she wore for the photoshoot.

Paeoti says you can find more info and more details on the search at her shop, Nymphetamine.

Good Luck girls!

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