Friday, May 11, 2007

Loads of newness at Nymphetamine! Paeoti, hard at work lately, has finally moved Nymphetamine to it's own sim! Isle of Nymphetamine is adjacent to Lil SLurgis, though it has a tottally different atmosphere all together. You walk in amidst tall columns dripping with moss, and mountainous walls scattered about with droopy trees and tangles of cattails. That's not all you'll find in this sim, paeoti has created it so you may navigate through on water, or air, via rideable swans, or hot air balloon... its a virtual grotto zoo. You'll see turtles, monkeys (watch for flying coconuts) gators and many other unexpected creatures at your feet. No only is it aesthetically pleasing to venture through the sim, but you can find semi private hideaways for other forms of pleasure. (oh my!) Small romantic dinner tables, maybe a dance, or cuddle with that special person.

Pae has truly worked her virtual little ass off on this sim, and it truly is worth a visit or two.

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