Friday, June 10, 2011

CHANGE IS GREAT and has NYMPHETAMINE ever changed!!

Come on over to the NEW and absolutely stunning sim, and see what Paeoti has created now!!  Those of you that know her builds and have marvelled at them, prepare to be astounded!

New Delirium Porducts just for the beauty of your own surroundings!!  That's right NYMPHETAMINE's mastermind isn't only about clothing anymore!  All these products can be found for your viewing pleasure at the all new Delirium on the Sturgis Sim, as well as on the marketplace!!  See below for Slurls, Urls and Landmarks!!

Check out Whats new!!! :) (scroll time!)

June's Sweet Sleep garden Statue!  Soft subtle beauty to add to your garden or sim!!!  You can find it on Marketplace also at the following URL!

Sanctuary of Umar, ruins with foliage and birdbath!  Can also be found on the marketplace at:

Garden for June, beauty paired with quality and serenity the perfect addition to your special spot :)  Can also be found on the marketplace at:

June's Butterfly Garden speaks for itself, but oh the beauty of Butterflies and a peaceful garden!  Nothing can be better!!  Can also be found at:

June's Country Peace, soft soothing colors, the shade of beautiful trees, and the peace of a beautiful country spot!  Can also be found at:

June's Entry to Eden, what a gorgeous way to enter your garden or home, or even that special little spot for the two of you!  can also be found at:

June's Peace Birdbath Garden, a place for the birds to come and enjoy the beauty of your special spot in the world and share it with you!  Can also be found at:

June's Reflection Pool, for those much needed quiet moments of reminisce or simply to drown out the noise and take a long soft breath.  Can also be found at:

June's Shroom Garden, want a special spot for your Meeroos or you? A lovely spot lays waiting for you under the the shade of a large protective garden of Mushrooms!  Can also be found at:

June's Solitude, for you and that special someone to share a quiet moment, or even for yourself!!  Can also be seen at:

There's no place like a home inside of natures creation!  See what lies inside for you in this beautiful little tree house!!  Can also be found at:

 Show off your simply fabulous Breedables for the world to be jealous of!!  Can also be seen at:

That's right folks!  Right here right now, the most adorable Meeroo home Ever!!  The most adorable acorn house just for your spoiled Meeroos!  This one cannot be found on Marketplace yet!  So you best get on over to the Delirium Sim and get your own!!

See below, and head on over to see all the beauty at the all New Delirium form the Sturgis Sim!!!  What are you waiting for??!!

and while your there DON't forget to stop in and see what you have been missing and the all new NYMPHETAMINE Boutique!!

Contact Stacy Maracas in world for any questions you may have!!

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  1. Like a ghost dropping by from out of the ether to say... BOO.

    Hey Paeoti, how you been? Say hello sometimes. Memories of you have never faded!

    "Aetius Epsilon"