Monday, November 23, 2009

NYMPHETAMINE New Release Right Now!!!

Thats right everyone, Torrid's Penchant is out on the shelves!

Torrid's Penchant is the newest addition to the Penchant Line that Paeoti is so well known for, and its ADORABLE! It has beautiful lace detailing, the most GORGEOUS unique top hat and has an all around Steam Punk Feel to it!

Paoeti has enabled you ladies to purchase the hat and the necklace separately for this item as well!

A MUST See for all you NYMPHETAMINE Fans!

Torrid's Penchant will also be a featured release in a HUGE upcoming Fashion Show, and we are SO Excited about it!

Don't Forget if you havent been here in a while we have MANY new releases that you are simply missing out on!!!!!!

NYMPHETAMINE has some really exciting events coming up for our customers so STAY TUNED! In the meantime, come and check out this BEAUTIFUL gown! :)

Heres your ride!

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