Sunday, February 17, 2008

............... NEW @ NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE...................
Madame de Pompadour Sets! The noted Madame was the best known of Louis XV's Mistresses. She knew exactly how to flaunt her intelligence, her wit and her sexuality to win over the affections of the King. The Madame became quite politically powerful and also played patroness to leading intellects of that time period. She was exceptionally socially ambitious and used her female talents to get what she wanted... a life of royal comfort.

Wonderous satins, the finest of lace and the body to be able to fill those threads! You can acquire 3 separate looks with the versatile Madame Pompadour Sets with the long half flex skirt, the multi ruffle flex skirt or the hip side corset, complete with beaded panties. This set comes in blue and pink. 2 other corset sets are also released today within the same line as well.

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