Thursday, April 12, 2007

Angela of Avalon. Step out for a moment, imagine yourself living in a far away land. Lush grassy valleys, and foliage. Skies and waters of pure blue that go on forever., and there You are. Draped in satiny champagne color folds, to which think you hear a subtle 'swoosh' when you move.
The breeze lightly dancing around the length of your veil. You're regal, you're enchanting, waiting to marry the man of your fairy tale dream. The warm, rich colors of this gown are detailed with heavy lace, the kind that is passed down from generations. Complimented with the champagne colored rose bouquet, and princess crown (veil is attached). The color is so unique, and aesthetically pleasing, I'm fairly certain no other gown exists in this shade. It's definitely a very unique and dazzling wedding gown. One that won't soon be forgotten.

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