Monday, December 11, 2006

Dec 22, 2006

WHEWW, Hd and I have been busy of late getting ready to open LIL SLurgis and I am way behind on this blog as well as updating my shop. Hopefully some new things will be out soon but with the Holidays and all it might be slim to none! PLUS, Im learning a new version of PSP which is busting my ass! I dispise "change", but unfortunately its the way of the world.

On a positive note, LIL SLurgis is open and we're having a blast! We managed to get the guys over at RockNGames Radio (Queenie, Darm, Daphne, Chrys, & Astry) to help with DJ'ing most of our events. HUGE thanks goes out to Queenie who dug us out of a hole! We couldnt of done it without ya Sugar!

We also have some kick ass vendors who have signed on with Lil Slurgis. Come check them out. Special Note: We do have ONE spot saved for a good LEATHER Designer. If your interested in renting a shop, just yell at me in game.

It has been a long time coming but HD finally released his new bike "The Viper" and WOW! I have to honestly say that I have never saw anything THIS cool on SL. The bike is hot and sleek but the extra's are shocking. You can bascially put your own personality into this bike by the simple click menu. It has 6 gears, 5 different wheels to choose from, color pallet to change the color of your own bike, cam lock, HOVER (let me stress.. it has HOVER!) for those hard to get out of places. It also has working lights, a crap load of different horns, extreamly realistic sounds, and the BADDEST burnout/wheelie you ever saw. The bikes are a blast and a HUGE success! Our friend Boss Spectre got together with HD and they installed a program called "PRIMSITTER" made by Boss himself. Its purpose is to make adjusting poses and animations easier and did he ever manage to do it! I now use it on my tents and beds and I am a total idiot when it comes to that stuff and this is so simple its pathetic. If you work with poses or animations and need a good reliable device to help you set them up in seconds then I HIGHLY suggest "PRIMSITTER" to you. It can be purchased on SLE and its dirt cheap. It is also dumbed down if your like me and need dummy notes! YAY! Matter of fact the instructions that are in the package were dumbed down FOR me............ haha (See pics below)

If you havent came to chill or party with us at Lil Slurgis then please do! We would love to have you. Lil SLurgis is simply a place to relax and BE YOURSELF or whoever you choose to be.....erm a long as your a MATURE ADULT. See LINKS to the right for a direct TP to Lil SLurgis.

On that note, Id like to wish EVERYONE a very happy and holiday season.

Merry CHRIST-mas Everyone!

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