Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Winners have been announced!!

Congrats to each and every person that participated in the Model Search for Nymphetamine.. it has been a huge success, and loads of fun!!
Be sure to look for these Nymphetamine girl faces!
Hello, Dolly!

She is very pleased to make your aquaintence! She will even have little cupcakes and tea with you, but once your back is turned, she will turn up her nose at your soiled bloomers! Dolly isnt every girl, unless every girl is oh so elegant, witty, and massively spoiled. Hello Dolly is a dress full of girly goodness. Satin bodice and folds draped heavily in the best of laces for a southern belle. She'll prance through town in her organza ruffles, full bows gently bouncing around her hoop gown as she moves. Her delicate fair skin protected in style with bright red and black feathers atop her hat. Complete with parasol, which she uses to point to you and giggle as she sashays by.

As every southern girl, she wears her hair high, and her expectations low, so she is never dissappointed!
"Hello Dolly, well hello Dolly...It's so nice to have you back where you belong!"

Shes a well seasoned submissive. Aware of her sexuality, her hold over a man's gaze. The power in which her body language suggests of complete willingness, and promise of pleasure.
This exquisite garment consists only of finely crafted prims. Encased onto the body the heavy metal pieces showcase the breasts, raising them full and ready, demanding absolute attention at first glance. The metal panty as it were hugs tightly to the delicious womanly curves.
Hanging to her hips, encircling her buttocks and closing clinging to her womanhood. The fruit of all evil, and pleasure.
The bra and panty features "rip-off" scripting on both the gold, and silver (not shown) sets. The Silver set is also tintable.
She's sugar and spice, and all things nice... This saucy little number is what every girl needs in her inventory this year! It has all elements of a summer dress, shoulder baring thin straps that tie behind the neck. The low scoop back, and form fitting bodice flow nicely to a short and flirty skirt. Paired up with these fabulous stockings.. as she walks towards you, she makes your heart flutter... and as she walks away, she lets you know she means business! Cream colored stockings are laced up the entire back of the leg, for an extra sensual look.

Latest goodies from Nymphetamine Boutique.....

She's not for the faint of heart. She will grab yours and squeeze it with her hands, and leave you begging for more. You think about her in your day, and in your night, she invades your dreams, waking you up with sweat droplets clinging to your forehead. Her curves, her intelligence, her wicked smile drives you insane. You know you'll never have her, but it doesnt keep you from stepping over your toes to meet with her again. Wicked is a deliciously sexy leather ensamble. Hip hugging ass showing chaps with thong, topped off with a decorative bra and gloves, protect just enough against the elements, but give you a sampling of her goods.