Friday, June 10, 2011

CHANGE IS GREAT and has NYMPHETAMINE ever changed!!

Come on over to the NEW and absolutely stunning sim, and see what Paeoti has created now!!  Those of you that know her builds and have marvelled at them, prepare to be astounded!

New Delirium Porducts just for the beauty of your own surroundings!!  That's right NYMPHETAMINE's mastermind isn't only about clothing anymore!  All these products can be found for your viewing pleasure at the all new Delirium on the Sturgis Sim, as well as on the marketplace!!  See below for Slurls, Urls and Landmarks!!

Check out Whats new!!! :) (scroll time!)

June's Sweet Sleep garden Statue!  Soft subtle beauty to add to your garden or sim!!!  You can find it on Marketplace also at the following URL!

Sanctuary of Umar, ruins with foliage and birdbath!  Can also be found on the marketplace at:

Garden for June, beauty paired with quality and serenity the perfect addition to your special spot :)  Can also be found on the marketplace at:

June's Butterfly Garden speaks for itself, but oh the beauty of Butterflies and a peaceful garden!  Nothing can be better!!  Can also be found at:

June's Country Peace, soft soothing colors, the shade of beautiful trees, and the peace of a beautiful country spot!  Can also be found at:

June's Entry to Eden, what a gorgeous way to enter your garden or home, or even that special little spot for the two of you!  can also be found at:

June's Peace Birdbath Garden, a place for the birds to come and enjoy the beauty of your special spot in the world and share it with you!  Can also be found at:

June's Reflection Pool, for those much needed quiet moments of reminisce or simply to drown out the noise and take a long soft breath.  Can also be found at:

June's Shroom Garden, want a special spot for your Meeroos or you? A lovely spot lays waiting for you under the the shade of a large protective garden of Mushrooms!  Can also be found at:

June's Solitude, for you and that special someone to share a quiet moment, or even for yourself!!  Can also be seen at:

There's no place like a home inside of natures creation!  See what lies inside for you in this beautiful little tree house!!  Can also be found at:

 Show off your simply fabulous Breedables for the world to be jealous of!!  Can also be seen at:

That's right folks!  Right here right now, the most adorable Meeroo home Ever!!  The most adorable acorn house just for your spoiled Meeroos!  This one cannot be found on Marketplace yet!  So you best get on over to the Delirium Sim and get your own!!

See below, and head on over to see all the beauty at the all New Delirium form the Sturgis Sim!!!  What are you waiting for??!!

and while your there DON't forget to stop in and see what you have been missing and the all new NYMPHETAMINE Boutique!!

Contact Stacy Maracas in world for any questions you may have!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Releases, and soon to be a New Store! Come on over and see us at our Home Sim of Sturgis, check out our new things, and if your feeling a bit lost, or your a new customer of NYMPHETAMINE, grab one of our models to assist you!

Look at what we have for NEW and for YOU!!!!

Don't forget Santa is out and ready to give you PRESENTS! Also the sexy holiday pasties are ready for you to slip on, and maybe even get them Ripped Off! Cmon in for details! See you there!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Allow us to introduce you to NYMPHETAMINE's Newest..... Hottest.... Sexiest.......BOMB Sets!


These hot and sexy corset outfits will bring every eye right to YOU as you glide into the room knowing how sexy and sassy you look.

PIck your favorite color, slither into it, and watch the jaws drop, ohhh baby!!!!!


You thought that was all?  OH NO!!!  We also bring you the Shirley Mini Ruffle Dress!!

Sassy and Flirty and just yellin LOOK AT ME!!  Take a peek at this hot little number!!

Also!  We have a SPECIAL OFFER just for you!  Yet another new release, The Bomb Shirley Pant and Lingerie Set!!

You can find the set easily by using the following link.

You can also shop for more NYMPHETAMINE Products by using the following link.

Please rate us after making your purchase as its always Greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!!

Come on up and See us and this exciting new line!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hello Everyone!

We have a special offer for you!!

Right now, please head on over to SLXstreet and grab the Bunny Pasties while you can!!!!!!!

On SLXstreet ONLY, we are offering them as a special for you at 50 Lindens!

Go grab yours and thank you for shopping with us at NYMPHETAMINE! 

**********Thank you for RATING us on your purchase of this special offer, we truly appreciate it, and your continuing shopping with us here at NYMPHETAMINE!**********

Paeoti Pomeray

Stacy Maracas

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is Easter Time at NYMPHETAMINE!  We have TWO fun things for you to come and get!

First, The Friskie Bunnie Pasties Set!  Yes! Paeoti knows you ladies LOVE them pasties!  Take a look at these sexy, and yet adorable bunnies that will make your partner wanna hop right on over to you!  Even better? The bunnies GLOW in the dark! How much fun can we have with these eh ladies?  Take a peek :)

While your here, Paeoti has a special gift for you for Easter!! Find a Large Bunny and BUY him for 0L be sure to open him up when you get home!!! :)

Here at NYMPHETAMINE, we wish you and your family a joyous and fulfilling Easter Holiday!! 

See you here!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!!

Today we have the most GORGEOUS collection for you!

Just in time for Spring, Love is in the air, along with all the wondrous colors of romance, newness and blossoms!!!!

We give you:  The VIVY Line, in all its glorious shades of Spring, as well as something a little EXTRA special.

With a new year, comes a fresh clean start with exciting new opportunities.  Our newest wedding gown VIVY, is beautiful in all its simplicity with back to basics approach with clean, smooth lines, clean basic texturing, with the pure innocence of futures to come.    For every wedding day there is that special wedding night!  NYMPHETAMINE has you covered for that as well.

Have a look! :)

We mentioned blossoms and here they are!

Come and see this amazing array of gowns at NYMPHETAMINE for your next special event!  As always our NYMPHETAMINE models are ready to help you in your next NYMPHETAMINE purchase.  All you need do is simply ask and ye shall receive help complete with a smile! 


Hello Everyone!  You can find pictured above NYMPHETAMINE's releases for the Relay for Life Event and Second Life Clothing Fair!!  These items are available in only TWO PLACES!  So get them while you can!!  The Main NYMPHETAMINE Store in Dragon's Tail and the Clothing Fair in Milan at the following Slurl:

Get them while you can as they will go away after the Relay for Life Event!! The are special releases only!!!  Don't forget ALL PROCEEDS go towards Relay for Life!!!!!! :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hey ladies!

Spring is in the air its coming, and Paeoti has you ready for it!
Take a peek at the New Tish Spring Sweater and Cropped Pants set!

Glorious Spring Colors all included in this set for you ladies!!
Come and see this for yourself, and grab yours while you can!!!!

See you here!!!